Monday, October 15, 2007


There is a special special place in hell for refs who change their call when friends on one team whine at them. Bad calls happen, I get that, but for both the up and down ref to call a ball on the court but then reverse it and award the team a point because their friends don't like it? Lame.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What a Difference Spelling Makes

Linnsey and I often eat at Kapps Pizza on Castro Street. It's not the best pizza ever, and the service is variable, but it's close by and it's better than delivery. When we were there the other night, they had an additional "specials" menu added to their regular menu, which had steak and wine on it.

Kapps isn't exactly all too upscale, and it's pretty well known as a pizza joint, so the steak and wine seemed a bit out of place. Reading further, I was rather surprised to find that their chardonnay was "nicely pared with our steak". Linns and I decided that if the wine were frozen and you used the sharp t-bone from the steak, this would be possible, though not desirable. Needless to say we got a salad and a pizza.

Really, though, what can you expect from a restaurant started by a couple of Berkeley grads? =)