Wednesday, March 21, 2007

22,000 Days

Waiting on a compile job at work today I started idly calculating how many months/days/hours/seconds old I was, in hopes of finding a metric for my age that was close to a power of 2. I've gotta wait almost 7 more years before I'm 100000 years old (that's 32 written in binary for you non-cs-geeks), but I figured maybe I'd be able to celebrate my 2^n day/hour/second birthday sooner for some value of n. Super dorky and narcissistic, I know, but what computer scientist doesn't love large powers of two.

Well, it turns out that I'm a little over 9000 days old, so I missed my 2^13 day birthday by a few years, but it got me thinking. I happened to be listening to the Moody Blues at the time, and I finally got what the song 22,000 Days was about. 22,000 days is around 60 years, and minus the 18 years to grow up/go to school/whatever, 22,000 days is "not a lot, it's all you've got" if you're lucky.

So, what are you going to do with your 22,000 days? I guess now I have some idea (see post below).


Anonymous said...

I came to the same conclusion 15 years ago in a similar way.
I teach 8th grade math and I love having famous quotes on the wall so I included this one with one adjustment. Since I would with 14 year old kids, I changed it to 24,000 days.... Every so often a kid figures it out.

Anonymous said...

Long time fan of the MB's. Despite their BIG 7, LDV has always remained close to my heart for many reasons. The two songs that hooked me into the whole LP were "22,000 days" and "Gemini Dream".
It could be me but running behind(deep background) all the beautiful alternative music that was pouring out of the UK in the 80's there seemed a tinge of sadness. LDV, from start to finish, had all the positive innocence of youth - willingness to take risks, faith in a better way of being, the possibility of true love, shoot for the moon. Such optimism was hard to come by in 1980+. And 22,000 days sure beat the hell out of 6,570.

Anonymous said...

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