Thursday, May 24, 2007

No More Secrets Postmortem

Links to postmortem writeups:

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UPDATE: Jan has also written a postmortem of our game on her blog. It can be found here.

As you may know, coed astronomy ran a Sneakers themed game this past weekend, titled No More Secrets. Some things went right, some things went wrong, and I'm going to slowly write up a postmortem for posterity and so that I can finally tell friends what I've been doing with the past year of my life instead of hanging out with them.

This is the first major game that coed astronomy has planned (as a team we have done 2 smaller games, and as individuals we have planned or run various other things in the past), and so before I begin to forget the details, I'd like to write out my thoughts on the process we went through. Hopefully what I write here will be useful to any other new teams who are considering running a game. I make no warranties that what worked for us will work for you or even that my opinions are shared by the rest of coed astronomy.

Over the next several posts, I'll take several different aspects of our game and try to go into detail about them and where they worked and where they failed. Since I have a somewhat personal interest in it, and since I can't presume to know how other people felt, I'll try not to comment on how I thought the game went for the players and instead stick to how it went for GC. So without further ado...

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